Our IdentyManage Pro Access Control Software is fully integrated with the OnSSI VMS software solution to provide a unified platform between physical access control and CCTV security systems.

Using ONSSI’s powerful video surveillance tools, IDT’s Access control management system can combine video surveillance and analytics in one easy interface. Powerful features at your fingertips, a simple GUI interface for real-time control, monitoring and recording of live events as they happen.

Drag and drop cameras and access control terminals to entryways and exits on real maps of your facility. Associate any number access control units directly to doors, cameras or high security areas. Report and record activity “live” for instant review or storage archive.

Record access by employees, unauthorized visitors, vandalism, suspicious activity and any other event. Search hours of video in minutes with advanced features and capabilities that will give you the maximum ability for forensic level video recording and reporting.

All functions are managed in just one easy to operate software GUI with a suite of cutting edge control and security options.