Visitor Management System

IdentyTechs Visitors Management is an easy-to-use, web-based, enterprise class visitor management system. The IdentyTech visitor management system is also a part of IdentyTechs access control solution which integrates a biometric access control terminals, video management, intruder alarm system management & much more.

Easy management
A system administrator can easily create additional roles (users) such as members (companies or residents) and operators (security officers)
- Easily schedule a new visitors from anywhere by simply logging into your account on the internet.
- Check visitors in and out, including enrollment of a biometric data in order to distribute to access control units.
- Track who and where the visitors are visiting within a facility.
- Monitor a “Black list” of a banned visitors.
- Paperless reporting.
- Monitoring of a scheduled visits and quick look up of visit details.
- Logging and tracking of all transactions.

System Architecture

The system contains of the following components:

Visitor management application server on the cloud server accessible from the internet

Local access control system which includes the following components:

- access control management
- surveillance management (optional)
- integration with an existing DSX system
- barcode scanning system (optional)