IdentyTech Facial Recognition Solution

Our facial recognition state-of-the-art solution is the most advanced solution for the most popular and performance challenging scenarios:

Facial surveillance: Our real time facial recognition platforms build from the bottom-up and combined with the most advanced image processing algorithms to support the recognition engine makes our solution the best performing one worldwide.

Facial investigation: Our facial investigator is the most advanced solution for law enforcement investigation, our pre-processing and post processing capabilities enable the recognition rate to be superior even with a low resolution and very hard scenarios images and videos.

Our solutions are currently being implemented in the Transportation, Medical, Banking, School throughout the HLS and security industry.

Video Server

Real-Time surveillance face extractor.
The system captures and extracts face images from any video stream source: USB camera, IP camera, recordings, etc.

The video server is design to control 4 cameras on each server (2 cores per camera)

The video server is handling all the video streams from the cameras and consist of following components:
Face finder – find the faces in each video frame up to 4 faces per frame
Face cropping – isolate the face from the image and crop it
Tracker – track the face from frame to frame
Best shot analysis – decide the best quality face (from the sequence)
2D=>3D – decide if the face is frontal and if not rotate them accordingly
Tokenize – prepare the token image and send it to the application server

Application Server

The application server is the system manager and consists of the following components:
  IDT Middleware – a state of the art pre-processing component that correct the illumination and other image issues before the matching to enhance the results and the overall performance
Template creator – create the template from the given image
Watch list management – configure the system threshold and other system configuration settings
Notifications – provide the external system with the alarms for a positive match including the image from the camera and the image from the database, score, and other optional parameters
The hardware of the application server can change and is depended on the number of cameras and calculation of the CPU that required for processing the above assignments

Mobile Application

One of the most desired features of facial recognition systems is the ability to use the face recognition everywhere using a Smartphone application and the Smartphone camera.
  In today’s technology the capabilities of the platform, the camera and the fast communication links give us the ability to use the facial recognition on the outdoor and on the move, we are now in the development phase of this capability that will allow the user to:
  Take a picture of a subject face and:
  Conduct database search to know if this subject is wanted or not Enroll the subject to the system for future use.