The IDT Visitors Gate application is a web based platform to provide for easy visitor registration and check in to secure facilities or residential communities. New visitors can be easily scheduled by a Member (company, resident etc.) simply by logging in to the web portal and pressing “Schedule a visit” button.

Configure email settings so that an Invited person will automatically receive an email with an invitation, as well as the member receiving a notification email of the visitor’s arrival onsite. Members can browse all the history of previous / newly scheduled visits.

Security operators or management can easily scan the visitors ID, passport or driver license.

After scanning the system will automatically retrieve the registered scheduled visit.

In case the biometric data is required, It can be easily enrolled by the operator and distributed to the relevant access control terminals. The operator can easily browse for all the past / future / present visits.

IdentyTech Visitors Management is an easy-to-use, web-based, enterprise class visitor management system. The IdentyTech visitor management system is also a part of IdentyTech access control solution which integrates biometric access control terminals, video management, intruder alarm system management & much more.

Easy management

  • A system administrator can easily create additional roles (users) such as members (companies or residents) and operators (security officers)
  • Easily schedule a new visitors from anywhere by simply logging into your account on the internet
  • Check visitors in and out, administrators can enroll biometric data in order to distribute to access control units


  • Track who, where and when the visitors are onsite within a facility.
  • Monitor a “Black list” of a banned visitors

How it works?

IdentyTech VisitorsGate™ system is a cloud based system. Each customer receives a proprietary domain address such as: The hosts (such as residents or companies within the facility) will be able to access the system by this URL. It is not required to be on site in order to schedule a new visitor, hosts can access the system anytime from anywhere via the internet.