IdentyManage provides a reading and writing capabilities for a various types of smart cards: IClass, MiFare, Desfire EV1.

Using the industry standard HID RFID and smartcard technologies we integrate multiple identification modalities, Biometric, RFID and Smart card or PIN methods to allow layered levels of security.

The template on card option keeps the users in control of their biometric data and their personal biometric data is not stored in the system.

Each card contains an option to be written with user’s biometric data and other credentials used for authentication on the biometric terminals, on the server, on the secure I/O controller (MOAC) or directly as a template on card.

All the data is protected with proprietary keys and 128 Bit encryption. Identytech also provides an option for changing and loading proprietary keys specific to that client.

Capture Biometric Data and read/ write cards with our convenient USB desktop devices simplifying enrollment and administration of users.