IDT Jet™

Developed for the “Fast & Accurate” Physical Access Control market, this slick design and innovative integration, allows for a dual mode Identification or Verification process.

The IDT Jet™ incorporates precision Multi Spectral Imaging Fingerprint Technology into an ergonomic embedded peripheral that delivers unparalleled performance, reliability and convenience.

Priced to compete and developed to beat, the IDT Jet™ provides a price sensitive solution for any type of integrated PAC deployment.

Whether looking for a Verification or Identification procedure, this unique PAC terminal and integrated Smart Card or Proximity reader, is the perfect solution.

The IDT Jet™ supports Multiple modes of operation including, stand alone, networked, through a Secure I/O or integrated into a third party solution.

The IDT Jet™ is offered in a slick, elegant design, with the industry’s required interfaces, enhanced security and convenience.