Facial Recognition

Our facial recognition state-of-the-art solution is the most advanced solution for a changing world that can operate and perform under extreme scenarios:

Facial surveillance: Our real time facial recognition platforms build from the bottom-up and combined with the most advanced image processing algorithms to support the recognition engine makes our solution the best performing one worldwide.

Facial investigation: Our facial investigator is the most advanced solution for law enforcement investigation, our pre-processing and post processing capabilities enable the recognition rate to be superior even with a low resolution and very hard scenarios images and video

  • Real-Time surveillance face-extractor.
  • The system captures and extracts face images from any video stream or picture source:
  • Best Shot Analysis- decides the best quality face (from a sequence).
  • Face Finder – find the faces in each frame up to 4 faces per frame
  • 2D Converted to 3D – Real-Time rotation from side to frontal view

No proprietary cameras required, just a high resolution and proper lens length makes it easy to add facial recognition technology to your existing security solution.